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Every Child is Entitled To Innocence Launch February 14

Posted on: February 14, 2012

I am proud to have my story, Good Hands, included in this inspiring publication.


Every Child is Entitled to Innocence will be the first publication of the newly- formed Orangeberry Publishing Group. Due to release on February 14th, profits from the sales of this e-book will be donated to Child Helpline International.

This is part of the forward to the book:

In 2010 more than 14.5 million children, or adults on behalf of children, contacted child helplines around the world.
Experiences collated from different child helplines reveal that children calling for assistance are often in need of shelter, medical, emotional support or guidance, are in need of support during a family crisis, during abuse (physical/emotional/sexual), in need of repatriation, or in need of support for school related problems.

On behalf of all of the child helpline counsellors across the globe who are there for children in need at all hours of the day and night, I would like to thank Dr Niamh Clune & Orangeberry Books for bringing this collection of stories about childhood together. These stories help remind us of the power of sharing our experiences, happy and sad alike. Every child who contacts a child helpline is reaching out, making sure their voices are heard, and that their problems do not go unnoticed and untreated. These stories do the same.

Nenita La Rose, Executive Director.


Says initiator of the project, Dr. Niamh Clune, “I met many writers through the Internet that experienced difficult childhoods yet have overcome their brutal beginnings. I wanted to make the first Orangeberry publication a celebration of creative imagination. This powerful friend of damaged children plays an essential role in an abused child’s recovery. Gathering this series of stories was a joy. Orangeberry Books has developed special, vibrant relationships with contributors and has forged many lasting friendships.

We encouraged happy stories that reflected the innocence of childhood when infants feel wrapped in the warmth of loving arms. We wanted to contrast these with the sad ones, making them stand out in relief against a bright backdrop. We felt this comparison would demonstrate, without explanation, what happens when innocence is stolen. In this book, the reader will find many wonderful, heart-warming stories; whilst the sad ones demonstrate the magnificence of the human spirit as it triumphs against all the odds.”

The e-book can be ordered from   Amazon.com

Thank you Niamh for putting this project together and for including the story about my wonderful father who provided an innocent and memorable childhood for me.



19 Responses to "Every Child is Entitled To Innocence Launch February 14"

Congrats, Darlene for having your story included in another anthology. :)

Thanks Laura. I’m happy that others will be able to read about my very special father, at the same time as contributing to a good cause.

Looks like a wonderful anthology and such a great cause! Congratulations!

Thanks Sandra. It is for a good cause and a lot of donated time and love went into creating this book.

Congratulations! I love the Cottingley Fairies on the front cover, it looks like my kind of book.
I also wanted to let you know that I have tagged your blog in a book tag, see marchhousebookscom.blogspot.com/ for more info. I’d love for you to participate because I want to read your answers!

Thanks Barbara. I will check out the book tag too.

Congratulations Darlene! What a marvelous idea.
ALl of this got me think of my latest brief blog, and I mention yours above in it. Spreading the word. :)

Thanks, much appreciated!

What a lovely looking book, and what a wonderful cause. It must have been such a thrill to find out that you were to have a story of your own included – congratulations!

It was indeed a thrill and an honour Sharon. Thanks!

Congratulations Darlene! Sounds really beautiful.

Congrats on publication. I got this last week, but am behind on reading it. I look forward to reading your work.

Thanks for stopping by my blog Stacy. I hope you enjoy the stories in Every Child…

One of the pictures I haven’t posted yet from the botanical gardens was 4,000 windmills representing each child helped in the last year by one of the social agencies here in Virginia. It was a graphic look at how many children need assistance (sad too).

Congratulations on being included in this project!

Thanks, I am very proud to be part of this worthwhile project. I love how you are commenting on my blogs. I feel like we are sitting across from each other having a cup of tea and catching up. XO

I totally agree – leaving comments has been a great way to become good friends. I always enjoy seeing your face smile at me when you leave a comment on my blog too.

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