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Feeling Lucky!

Posted on: January 30, 2012

I feel very lucky these days. I have been awarded not one but two blogger awards. I want to thank Lynn Davidson, for the Versatile Blogger Award

and Bridges Burning for the Genuine Blogger Award






According to the rules you need to share seven things about yourself and pass these awards on to 15 other bloggers you feel worthy of receiving them.

Here are seven things about me you may or may not know:

1. I am a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, and love it!
2. I collect shoes like some people collect stamps
3. I have traveled around North America, England and Wales on the back of a motorcycle which was a fabulous way to see the world
4. I have had the pleasure of going up in a hot air balloon, a life long dream
5. I am happiest when I am reading a book (preferably on a beach, but anywhere is fine)
6. I like hot weather and love the sun; my husband says I am solar powered
7. I have worked as a retail manager, recruiter/personal consultant, ESL Teacher and Employment Counsellor; I have loved all my jobs as they have been enjoyable and rewarding

15 bloggers to share the award with:

1. Violet’s Muse, Ellen Ekstrom a lovely lady and a great writer

2. Dean Mayes,  a talented writer friend from Australia

3. Donna McBroom-Theriot, writes great reviews and amusing posts of her daily (but not boring) life

4. Darlene’s Book Nook This blogger reads a lot of books and writes dynamic reviews

5. Carol Garvin Inspirational posts and wonderful photographs
6. Steven Gomez an up and coming writer who writes excellent reviews on well loved classics and movies

7. Kai Strand posts interesting author interviews (including one you may know)

8. Stuart Aken  great posts on writing, in a clever , witty English style

9. Shilpa at Dreams Galore  a writer who interviews other writers

10. Serenity Writer successful Canadian writer with thought provoking posts

11. Molly Ringle  a writer who writes with a great sense of humour and fun
12. Jan Coates another successful Canadian writer with interesting things to say

13. Clarbojahn reviews children’s books and interviews authors

14. Linda Howard Urbach If you wish to be amused, read this blog which comes with fabulous pictures of well dressed women

15. Alison a delightful travel writer from England

This is a great assortment of international bloggers and writers with interesting things to say and great reviews of a variety of books. Please do check them out, you may add a few new bloggers to your list.

Today I also won a copy of Lorna Suzuki’s book Imago Chronicles: Book One, A Warrior’s Tale.   No wonder I am feel so lucky!

Hope you all have a lucky week ahead!

27 Responses to "Feeling Lucky!"

Congratulations! I’ve been getting a few of these myself and it’s always a thrill.

Although I don’t think luck had much to do with it – you have a nice blog and you work hard at it. Give yourself a pat on the back.


That was so sweet of you to say Nancy! Have a great week ahead.

I’d like to first, thank Darlene, and the Academy . . .

This is so sweet and wonderful! Thank YOU, my friend up north!

You’re giving me more reasons to visit Canada!


Oh we will be visiting someday soon, either here or there or in between. You are most welcome!

This is great news Darlene…you deserve it.

I loved the 7 things we do not know about you…may your sun always shine.

Congratulations on two well deserved awards and well done on your win. You should feel so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky la de da de da!

Thanks Barbara! I am also lucky to have so many blogger friends like you!

Congratulations and I’m still thinking about that hot air balloon! I’m pretty acrophobic and that’s definitely not on my “To-Do” list. You list some cool bloggers I’m going to have to check out. Again, Congratulations!

Thanks so much for stopping by Sandra! Hope to keep the connection.

You’re certainly racking up the awards list. Congratulations!

And you’re spreading the love. 🙂 Which award is each blogger getting? Or is it both? And what if we don’t necessarily follow 15 blogs?

Thanks Steven. I decided that everyone is getting both awards. Just share with however many you wish. It doesn’t have to be 15. (these aren’t hard and fast rules.) It is fun to add the awards to your blog site, if you wish.

I’ll definitely add them. 🙂

Congratulations, Darlene. I always enjoy reading the “about” section with awards. That must have been some motorcycle “tripping” you did! And I liked the “solar powered” comment–and can’t believe you’re a great-grandma!

Thanks Patti! I forgot to mention we did the motorcycle ‘tripping ‘ after the kids had grown up anf left home! It was so much fun.

Congrats on your awards, and I enjoyed reading about your accomplishments, including a ride in a hot air balloon and a motorcycle tour, I am so jealous. But I share with you the joys of spending time with children and grandchildren.

Thanks for stopping by Anna! Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are so special and I feel blessed to have mine for sure.

Congratulations! 🙂 I would like to go in a hot air balloon! Very Cool!

I hope you get to go up in a hot air ballon one day, it is so fun! (Hope you don’t have to wait as long as I did to do it)

Congrats. Thanks visit my blog.

Your cartoons make me giggle (and we all need a good giggle now and then!)

Congratulations on your blog awards, Darlene! How neat to get two. Clearly your friends enjoy your posts.

I enjoyed learning more about you. I’d love to visit Wales. I married a man of Welsh decent and understand there’s even a town of Gwynedd. What fun it would be to see it and have our picture taken there. Not to mention I’ve heard the countryside is beautiful.

Thanks Keli! You would love Wales. It is so charming and the scenery is amazing. I was so fortunate to see it from the back of a motorcycle too. The names of the villages were so unique and the villagers so welcoming. Many wanted their pictures taken with our motorcycle, which was cool. I do hope you get there one day.

Congrats on winning these awards, Darlene. I even learned a few things about you that I didn’t know. You must be the youngest great-grandmother ever. 🙂

Thanks Laura. We have our babies quite young in our family, which is why by the time I was in my 40’s I was able to go off an motorcycle trips! We have five generations alive right now.

Congratulations and best wishes on your awards!

Congratulations,Darlene! You are very deserving of these awards.

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