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A New Year, A New List

Posted on: January 3, 2012


I know it is a bit passé but I still write out my New Year’s Resolutions every year in my journal. I also read the list from the previous year and am always surprised at what I actually achieved. It seems such a perfect time to do it as it is a new slate, a fresh start, something to look forward to. I guess I would be lost without some goals to focus on. I am also one of those annoying list makers so I guess that is why it works for me.The mere act of writing down goals and sharing them with others does help you to meet them (or at least it helps me). So with that in mind, I am sharing my goals/resolutions/intentions with my blog followers:

1.Finish writing Amanda in England-The Missing Novel for publication this summer by writing a chapter a week for the next three months.
2.Find ways to make more money with my writing by setting up readings, writing magazine articles and entering contests.
3.Blog at least once a week and double my subscribers
4.Learn to manage my social networking by improving technical skills
5.Reduce the clutter in my house, computer and mind
6.Spend as much time with Mom as possible in person and on the phone
7.Find a reasonable cleaning service
8.Meet other authors to share knowledge and support
9.Take a trip to Europe
10.Take time to breathe

Check back with me next year at this time to see how well I did.

I have been reading some great blogs concerning goal setting for the New Year. Check these blog postings out:

10 Tips to a Happier 2012 posted on She Writes by Jill Starishevsky lists wonderful things like:
5. Speak of others as though they can hear the words that you say
8. Wake up every morning with the hope of putting someone in a good mood

Living The Seasons points out a way to celebrate accomplishments and move forward. http://livingtheseasons.com/2012/01/02/accomplishments-from-last-year/

Pollina Writes has some impressive goals listed.

Lynne Kippel on Book Bites provides a word for 2012 – significance which I plan to use everyday, followed by tips to make your writing significant:
First, write. Finish your book. Create your blog. Develop your presentation or workshop. The format in which you deliver your ideas may change, but the process always begins with putting words on paper.
Next, refuse to settle for anything less than your best. Challenge yourself to write boldly, sharing your most creative ideas and editing out anything tired, trite, or common.
Finally, share. Commit to sharing your words with your ideal readers and engaging in conversations with them. In this sharing, you will refine your ideas, sharpen your focus, and witness the impact your brilliance has on others, which will increase your significance.

If you have a list of goals for the coming year, please share them. I find them inspiring.

23 Responses to "A New Year, A New List"

How can I not like this when you mentioned my name? Thank you very much!

P.S. I liked your list – thanks for sharing!

Glad you liked the list. I was pleased to mention your name. Now I need to learn how to add hyper links to my wordpress posts. (so much to learn).

You see the little area that you type in? There’s a tool bar directly above it. The little chain symbol creates the hyperlink. The broken chain next to it removes it.

Copy the link you want to go to. With your cursor, highlight the words you want to hyperlink, click on the chain symbol, then paste in the URL. Be sure to click the little box that says “open in a new window”. That way people don’t leave your post. Then click to “add link”.

Easy peasy.

I’m going to bed shortly, but will try to post pictures on my other blog tomorrow if you couldn’t figure it out. Let me know.

Nice. I like the additions too. Thanks for the tips.

Glad you liked them. Happy New Year and Happy Writing!

For more years than I can remember I have made a New Year intention list. Generally I look at it every 3 to 4 months throughout the year. It is amazing to look back at the end of the year and see how many things you can cross off that list. The goals are met without even seeming to try. As they say your mind drifts towards your intentions.

Just one more thing we have in common Sheila. Thanks for all your encouragement over the years which has helped me meet my goals.

What? There are people who find list makers annoying? lol Let me write that down. I have an idea of my focus this year, but probably need your #5 to sort it all out. 🙂

I was going to try for a wisecrack on your comment, but I’m too tired to come up with one. Maybe tomorrow ha ha!

Wisecracks are always welcome!! Good luck with #5 Patti. That will be the toughest one for me.

I love that you hold yourself responsible by writing them down for all to see. Way to go – and I think those are all very achievable goals. Knowing you, you’ll have them done this month! : )

Happy New Year, my friend.

I do tend to meet my goals once I am committed, but I couldn’t do it alone. You are one of the people who have helped me realize many of my dreams and I thank you so much!!

I’m a list maker, too, but long ago gave up making hard and fast resolutions. For a few years I announced “intentions”… things I intended to do but wouldn’t be discouraged if I didn’t. Last year I took on the “Word for the Year” idea, and chose “focus” since it applied to various areas of my life. It worked for me, and I’ll continue to remind myself of it this year, although my chosen word for 2012 is “joy” — trying to see it in all things, experience it fully regardless of circumstances, and share it with others.

Happy New Year to you, Darlene!

A word a year is a great way to keep on track as it encompasses everything in your life. When i was in sales, I had a word a month stuck to my computer to keep me on track. It worked. I love your word for this year . “Joy” is the word I used to sum up the end of 2010 which had some big changes for me which I embraced with Joy. If we approach things with Joy, we are bound to be successful in our endeavours, big or small. I wish you much Joy for 2012 in all you do Carol.

I know what you mean by having so much to learn on blogging and love how you added it to your list to make hyperlinks. Last year this time I had barely been blogging for two months and didn’t know a thing about it and there’s still so much to learn. Just take your time and you’ll catch on. Just remember, it’ll still be here for you when you do.

Met you from Eriks blog. Glad to *meet* you.

Thanks so much for stopping by Clar. Love meeting other writers and making new friends. Yes, the learning is never ending but my Dad always said “Everyday you are alive you should learn one new thing.” All the best for 2012. Your tips on your blog were excellent BTW.

Darlene, all the best with your goals! I particularly like your writing goals, and No. 10. (Take time to breathe).

This year, I hope to complete and publish another picture book, and work on a middle-grade novel that’s been stewing at the back of my head for two years.

And yes, to take things slower and enjoy it all so I can walk on steadier. Perhaps even faster. 🙂

Good luck with your goals too Claudine and thanks for stopping by to comment. We shouldn’t need to be reminded to breathe, but we all do, in this hectic world it seems! I love writting for middle-grades. Let me know how you progress.

A little late to the post but I wanted to say I appreciate how clear and achievable your goals are, and that you include a trip to Europe in there! Way to take care of yourself (breathe!). I too would like a cleaning service and less clutter, especially around our home. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Darlene; you’ve gotten me thinking!

Thanks for stopping by Robi. Glad I got you thinking. But you are very goal oriented and seem to accomplish a lot in one year. I will let you know how I do with this list. So far I have been writing a chapter a week and booked a trip back to Alberta to see mom in March. Cleared up a bit of clutter, ways to go there – but baby steps. So far so good.

[…] As it is the end of another year, it is time to see how I did with the goals I set last year at this time. I posted them for all to see on my blog https://darlenefoster.wordpress.com/2012/01/03/a-new-year-a-new-list/ […]

[…] As it is the end of another year, it is time to see how I did with the goals I set last year at this time. I posted them for all to see on my bloghttps://darlenefoster.wordpress.com/2012/01/03/a-new-year-a-new-list/ […]

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