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The Meaning of Christmas

Posted on: December 6, 2011

I admit it, I am a Christmas nut. I love it. Yes, it can be stressful and yes, it has become too commercial, but I still love it. I enjoy picking out gifts for my friends and family. I start picking things up in the summer at craft fairs and in my travels. I like to give handmade items or things with a special meaning. Of course I give a lot of books but I tuck other little things in too.

I find Christmas a time to be joyful, hopeful and most of all thankful. I am thankful that I have so many wonderful people to find gifts for and spend time with. I don’t expect gifts back, it is not an exchange. Friendship is gift enough for me. Often it is the smallest most thoughtful gift that I enjoy the most. Home made baking, jams, and spiced nuts are appreciated. A special book from a second hand book store that someone spent hours finding, a poem, a song or a family photograph. Christmas gifts do not have to be expensive to warm my heart.

I sometimes feel that the meaning of Christmas is lost to the young people who are caught up in the advertising for toys and electronics, but then a grandchild will say, “Thanks for those pajamas you made me, the ones you make are the best”! When a friend shared a letter to Santa her eight year old wrote, I knew the meaning of Christmas was not lost on children Here it is unabridged and unchanged:

Dear Santa

What I really want for christmas is for my great grandma TeddyBear to come back to life. The reason I want her to come back to life is because she was really really nice and cool.

Another thing I really want for christmas is for the Doctor doing a good job for my grandma’s cancer to go away. The reason I want her cancer to go away is so she won’t have to get anymore oporashons and she will be Happier.
One other thing I want for christmas is for my half sister Rylee that lives in England to come to Vancouver for this summer. The reason I want her to come is because I don’t get to see her that much and when I do we have a good time.

I will close with a quote sent to me by a fellow Christmas nut, Naomi:

“Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.” – author unknown; attributed to a 7yr old named Bobby
What ever your beliefs, however you celebrate this season of giving, not just of things, but of love and joy, may it be special.

17 Responses to "The Meaning of Christmas"

I love that last quote (by Bobby). Just having time with our loved ones is enough. Looking forward to that…SOON.

So true Patti. Enjoy!

Lovely words – from you, your friends child and Bobby, thank you.
Happy Christmas

Thanks for stopping by Barbara. Glad you liked the post! Happy Christmas to you and yours. Darlene

I love Christmas, too! It’s a nostalgic time for many, full of memories both precious and difficult, but for me the umbrella over the season is always one of love. There’s so much love shown and shared! I wish it could last longer than the month of December!

I agree, it is all about love and it should not be just for December. I try to practice the idea of Christmas all year round.

“Often it is the smallest most thoughtful gift that I enjoy the most.”—I totally agree with you on that ,Darlene.

The letter to Santa is precious. So glad you shared it with us. This is a kid who knows the true meaning of Christmas.

Thanks Laura. That letter is special and I think most kids, when you get right down to it, do know the true meaning and would rather have loved ones in their lives than toys or material things.

Thanks Darlene – loved the letter to Santa. Reading it was a quiet time of remembering what this season is all about. It’s not the presents but it is the gift of love from family and friends that brings the most meaning and the everlasting memories. For me, it brings alive the memory of my mom, who I still call ‘Mrs. Christmas’. As I decorate the tree, and set up the villages, and place things she has made around our home, I feel her spirit and her joy for this time of year close to me.

I know how much Christmas brings back those fond memories of your mom, Cyndy. How fitting that her name was Joy.

This year, my kids, friends and family are getting a lot a lot a lot of LOVE!
Thank you Darlene for the vivid reminder about what is really important

Thanks for your comment Deb. Your friends, family and kids are pretty lucky!!

Thanks for the reminder of the true reason for Christmas – a time to celebrate the things in life that you cannot put a price tag on.. Celebrate and be grateful.

I agree with you. Despite the commercialism, we still treasure special moments and unique handmade gifts. I posted a blog on my Christmas memories as well. It’s very natural to get sentimental at this time of year.

Thanks for stopping by. I liked your blog as well. Have a wonderful Christmas!

yah..The true meaning of the christmas season is not just about the stuffs and gifts but it’s all about the moments we have with our love-ones and and also to other people that we can treasure for lifetime. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

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