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Sunshine on the Sunshine Coast

Posted on: July 28, 2011

Blue Waters Books

I was invited by Dale Jackson of Blue Waters Books to do a reading and signing of my Amanda adventure travel books at her wonderful bookstore in Madeira Park on BC’s Sunshine Coast last Saturday. I had a fabulous time and was treated very well by Dale and her staff member, Amanda. To my delight, I discovered Amanda loves to read and travel and comes from Calgary originally! How serendipitous is that?

Sunshine Coast

The weather had been cool and cloudy, but that Saturday the clouds rolled away and we were greeted with glorious sunshine. I travelled up the evening before with my good friend Jayne. We caught the ferry at Horseshoe Bay and after a pleasant 20 minute crossing, drove up the coast to Sechelt where we stayed with a mutual friend, Roberta, in her new home overlooking the ocean. A five star hotel would not have been as perfect.

Darlene at Bluewaters Books

Many people stopped in the bookstore to say Hello, listen to me read a chapter from each book and some even purchased a book or two. Among the visitors was George Connell, a local writer and actor, a young girl who had already read the Amanda books and wanted to meet me and have her copies signed, as well as many other friendly, local book lovers. The bookstore is so cozy and welcoming it was such a pleasure to spend a few hours there. Dale carries a great selection of BC books and current best sellers for all ages. One entire wall was dedicated to the presenters at the upcoming Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts. http://www.writersfestival.ca I feel honoured to have my Amanda books available at this remarkable store.

Young fans
As I left, Dale said, “You brought some sunshine to the Sunshine Coast.” That made my day! There is nothing like a local independent book store to make you feel good and entice you to want to read everything on the shelves. Please support local bookstores and, if you are ever in Madeira Park, stop in and say Hi to Dale and Amanda at Blue Waters Books. http://www.bluewaters.ca You will be so glad you did.

8 Responses to "Sunshine on the Sunshine Coast"

What a wonderful day for you, Darlene! So glad you had such an enjoyable time.

Thanks Laura. For me it is not so much about selling books (which is great of course) but more about meeting the people at these events.

What a pleasant bookstore, inside & out. If it had arms, it would snatch one right off the street; but since it doesn’t, it lays on undeniable charm. I’m glad to see you enjoy this phase of your writing journey.

It is indeed a very welcoming bookstore. Thanks Patti!

Thanks for sharing, Darlene.

Thanks for viewing my blog Rosaliene and good luck with your writing. It is by connecting with others in the writing community that we get inspired and motivated to continue our writing. Your book sounds great!

Your weekend was a perfect working holiday. The best kind of get-away – good friends, wonderful accomodation and scenery, with the added bonus of making a little money, The only thing missing was the mention of delicious food – especially a gooey, nut encrusted chocolate dessert.

It was perfect Sheila and BTW there was some good food as well. A wonderful meal at the Lighthouse Pub in Sechelt overlooking the marina and a fabulous lime custard tart at the Copper Kettle Cafe in Madeira Park. So I had all bases covered. Thanks for your comments.

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