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Listening to Your Dreams

Posted on: March 28, 2011

“To those who are awake, there is one ordered universe, whereas in sleep each man turns away from this world to one of his own” Heraclitus

We all have dreams; some appear during sleep, others while awake. They can guide us through life – as long as we listen to them. So many times we put our dreams on the backburner, but they are always there. They often appear when we least expect them.

When I was living in Calgary, I attended a sales meeting one cold February morning. As a warm-up exercise we were asked to write down our dreams for the next 3 months, the next 2 years and the next 20 years; and then share them with the group. I wrote that I dreamt of going on a holiday to a nice warm place within 3 months, I dreamt of living in a warmer place within 2 years and I dreamt of retiring in a nice warm place where you never had to wear socks. The group laughed and said my dreams were extremely focused. It could have been the weather at the time.

March in Alberta

I worked very hard and within three months made enough money to take my husband and myself to the British Virgin Islands for 10 days. It was our first holiday in a tropical climate. As I lay on the beach soaking in the warm sun I thought – this is definitely a dream come true. Within 2 years I was asked to open branch office for my company in Vancouver; we packed our things and moved to the west coast of Canada. Here we enjoy a much milder climate, enjoy walks on the beach and can view flowers blooming all year round. I often feel as if I am living in a dream world.

Spring on the west coast

We haven’t retired yet, but we are thinking of Spain, Arizona, the Caribbean or any place warm (where you don’t have to wear socks).

Sunny Spain

I am glad I listened to those dreams!

32 Responses to "Listening to Your Dreams"

I never dreamed of living in a warmer climate, but in my waking hours, I put in many a thought. Finally, my husband and I moved from Michigan to Florida. Now we live in Texas. Florida’s climate is beautiful. Texas also has a mild climate. We are happier with warmer weather.

Great photos! Blessings to you, Darlene…

Thanks Carol. One of my favorite quotes is by Louise Hay: “The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives.”

I have not been to Texas yet but it is on my list. I did visit Florida last year and loved it. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

I love that quote, Darlene. The importance of choosing our thoughts wisely is not to be underestimated.

It is one of my favourite quotes. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

So glad your dreams are coming true, Darlene! You need to make list of new dreams now. 🙂

Oh Laura, my list of dreams is very long and growing everyday. Every time one dream comes true I strike it off the list and add two more! I hope to never stop dreaming.

Happy dreams to you as well my writer friend.

If you move to the Dominican Republic you would already have friends there. Sergei’s two kids now live there. Sergei plans on joining them in a few years.

I haven’t been to the Dominican republic yet but will put in on that ever growing list. You are a fine example of someone who listens to your dreams my friend. “Never let a day go by without a dream.”

Reblogged this on Darlene Foster's Blog and commented:

This is a blog I wrote almost 5 years ago and now I am living in Spain!! Thought I would share it again.

Wow! It’s been five years you’ve doing great on your blog. Congrats!

Thanks. It doesn’t seem that long!

Yeah, but you are able to keep going~ that’s quite challenging, and you did it! Amazing. 🙂

Good for you! My dream is to come and join you in south east Spain within the next 5 years!!! 👍👍👍

That’s a good dream!!

You’ve added a personal testimony to the power of writing down your dreams, not just saying or thinking them.

By the way, I’m wearing socks in Florida, but it’s north Florida!

(Note: I was the first to comment on this post today, but it doesn’t show up here, perhaps because I was replying on my iPhone then. Puzzling. . . .)

Ah, I get it – I was on two different websites – joke’s on me!

I saw your comment on the new post. I thought it was funny as I am wearing socks today as well. It is cold on the marble floors in the winter. So it is good I brought a few pairs of socks with me. ❤

You made your dreams come true Darlene! So happy for you!

They say the universe listens. When you have positive thoughts, you get positive ones back. I do believe you are the driver of your destiny.
I’m happy for you, Darlene. May your aall new dreams come true. 😀

Thanks Tess, I believe the same thing. I will never stop dreaming

Outstanding. Wonderful to be open to any and all possibilities. Keeps us young at heart. 😀

This is a special blog that you have revisited and you are a special lady that have made your dreams come true …you are an example to us all Darlene .

I believe we are our thoughts and know their power. You put it out and it happened! Now you are living your dream in Spain and loving every moment.

I agree, thoughts are powerful, especially when paired with action. It was good to reread this and see how it all came together.

I love this! I guess you’re living proof that dreams do come true and that dreams are far more important than many of us realize. I’m so happy that life has evolved the way you dreamed. 😀

It is never exactly how you dreamed but it is always good. I’m glad you liked this post.

And here you are! Sockless! That sounds like a great idea.

It is a great idea! Thanks Patti!

This thrills me! I found your blog right before you moved to Spain and have enjoyed watching your transformation. You are an excellent example of how we can follow our dreams. And thanks for the Louise Hays quote- perfect!

It thrilled me too to see how this has all played out. “If you can dream it, you can do it!” quote from another dreamer, Walt Disney.

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