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Kids Love Amanda and Ali Baba

Posted on: March 21, 2011

School visit

I had a fun week with Amanda and Ali Baba. It started with a visit to Holly School in Surrey, BC. Approximately 45 students from Grade 3, 4 and 5 attended my presentation in the school library. When they walked into the room I could hear them whisper, “There’s Ali Baba!” The camel was obviously a hit with the boys and girls.

I was so impressed with the enthusiasm of the children and the great questions they asked. They wanted to know things like why I decided to write the story, how I chose the names I did and who inspired me. Such inquiring minds. Some of the students expressed a desire to become writers themselves one day and wanted to know about the writing process, time commitment and editing.

I brought along pictures of my trip that the book was based on as well as the original perfume flask and other items from the Middle East. The children found these interesting and were excited when they discovered pictures in my album depicting something from the book; like the goats in the trees and the camel race. Some of the children spoke Arabic and were pleased to see some Arabic words included in the story.

World Storytelling Day

The week ended with me being invited to share a table at The World Storytelling Day event in Ladner, BC. This event featured awesome storytelling performances by the winners of the Water in Words Short Story contest hosted by Laura Thomas. The storytellers ranged from grade 4 to grade 12. Some future authors for sure.

I met some wonderful people who stopped by to purchase a copy of Amanda in Arabia and to say hello. Once again Ali Baba stole the show but that’s OK. I shared the table with a lovely lady, Gwen Szychter, who writes about local history and has written a historical fiction for children called Sarah of Ladner’s Landing. Her latest book, Sarah of New Westminster, will be launched in April.

I love being part of these local events and spending time with school children is yet another dream come true for me. And I don’t mind sharing the limelight with Ali Baba.


Aspiring writers

5 Responses to "Kids Love Amanda and Ali Baba"

It must be nice getting out to meet a group of enthusiastic children. Glad you had such a great day, Darlene. You are beaming!!

Great pictures too.

Thanks Laura. It does the soul good to spend time with children. I always wanted to be a teacher as I was growing up but, as it often happens, life got in the way. So an opportunity like this was especially joyful for me.

The busy life of a writer. It really does open up a lot of interesting doors.

The students were still talking about it all week. Such an afternoon they had. Thank yo, thank you
from Holly School.
And we are so looking forward to the next Amanda adventure!

I had just as much fun as they did! Thanks for arranging it.

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