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A Man and His Dream

Posted on: November 2, 2010

We recently attended an art exhibit by the Stave Falls Artist Group.  This exhibit was well attended and the work enjoyable to view. Our main attraction to this event was to see the work of our good friend Walter Adamus; and we were not disappointed.

Wally, as he is known to us, has always loved painting and drawing ever since he was in elementary school.  He studied at the University of Manitoba School of Art but put his love of art aside to pursue a successful career in medical imaging and to raise a family. 

But the dream was always there.  He took drawing classes from time to time and eventually took painting lessons from internationally recognized artist Ron Hedrick, founder of the Stave Falls Artists.  This sparked Wally’s passion and over the past couple of years he devoted more time to painting with oils on canvas.   He had amassed enough work for a considerable display in the art show.


His paintings are delightful.  Simple, feel good subjects; such as children playing at the beach, a girl with her dog looking wistfully out to sea, apples tumbling out of a pail – good enough to eat, a table set for two on a balcony in Greece.  Wally’s work can be viewed at www.stavefallsartistgroup.com

This is just another great example of someone not giving up on his dream and pursuing his passion.  All I can say is Way to go Wally! We are so proud of you.








Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.
Winston Churchill


1 Response to "A Man and His Dream"

Hi Darlene – So glad you made it to Wally’s first (and I know it will be the first of many) – he truly is a great artist and like you we are thrilled to see his dream come true. He does great work and I know talent like this will soon be well known around the country – many thanks to Rod and Shannon too for supporting him with this dream. I am fortunate to have watched him over this past two years and also see his creative juices flowing and his wonderful confidence grow along with the juices. Keep up the good work Wally – a forever fan.

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