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Another dream come true

Posted on: June 21, 2010

Book Launch

Book launch at Albany Books

Yes, that’s me and Ali Baba the camel at the launch for “Amanda in Arabia – the Perfume Flask”.  It was wonderful to see so many people attend the launch and I was so happy to be able to hold it at my favorite book store. Readers of all ages have been enjoying Amanda’s adventures in the United Arab Emirates.  This is what a few have had to say: 

Amanda in Arabia: The Perfume Flask is an engaging read. Almost immediately I found myself caring about what happened to Amanda and the more I read the more I wanted to be immersed in the exotic landscape that Darlene Foster deftly paints. Once you start reading, Amanda in Arabia is hard to put down.” Josh, adult reader 

” Amanda in Arabia – The Perfume Flask is a fast paced, edge-of-your-seat adventure. The chapters were short, easy to read and flowed smoothly into one another. …These are all admirable features in a great children’s chapter book. Apart from being technically well written, Amanda’s adventure includes things that children of all ages can identify with; family, friends, mystery and fantasy. Even though Amanda in Arabia was written for children, I quickly discovered that I couldn’t put it down and was intrigued from beginning to end. A lovely reminder that we are all children at heart.” Lisa, mother of three

“Just like I was there! I liked reading Amanda in Arabia – The Perfume Flask.  It was really cool that Amanda met a real princess and got to ride on a camel.  I could feel myself in the United Arab Emirates.  My favourite part was when Amanda was riding Ali Baba to go find Princess Shamza because I could feel the excitement in my body like I was doing the same thing.  It was easy to read and the story flowed.  The only part that was confusing was I didn’t know if the guys in the Jeep were good guys or bad guys.  But that didn’t matter too much to the story.  I would like it if my cousin could read it because I think she would like it, too.”  Seven year old male reader 

 To have a book published has been a life long dream  (ever since I had a story published in the Winnipeg Free Press at age twelve).  To have individuals purchase and enjoy the book is almost unbelievable.  To those of you who are struggling to get a book published – don’t give up.  If you believe in your book, someone else will too.  I am so grateful to my publisher Michelle from ireadiwrite.com for believing in me and making tghis dream come true!  

Young fans

If anyone would like to read the first chapter of the book visit www.ireadiwrite.co/Amanda-in-Arabia.html where a digital copy is also available.  Printed copies are available at amazon.com, amazon.ca and amazon.uk 


“never let a day go by without a dream”

22 Responses to "Another dream come true"

Way cool I love to hear the stories and adventures you go on!

Nothing better than achieving a dream you’ve had since you were 12 – must be all of 25 years ago!

تهانينا على اماندا والسعودية.


Thanks Paul! What does the Arabic say?

It is great to hear about your successful book launch! Will catch up with you when I get back home and we can share stories about Barcelona.

Darlene, you write with the flair of a writer which makes your blog an interesting read. Glad the book sales are going well. I have just today been appointed principal of the Canadian International School in Tokyo, so I will look into getting a few copies of both your books to place in the library here, as well as one each for my grandsons for Christmas. Please let me know how best to purchase copies.
Ciao for now!

Thanks Ian. Congrats on your new appointment. The best place to purchase the book would be on amazon.ca or amazon.com. You can also order directly from me and I would be happy to mail the order to you. Good to hear from you.

Having read your Amanda story I’m not surprised that it has found a wide audience. Can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Way to Go Darlene !
Sorry we missed the launch – we were away that weekend !
Looks like it’s gonna be a Best Seller !
Just goes to show You REALLY CAN GET WHAT YOU WANT !!!!

I am so glad we had such vivid imaginations as children. What a wonderful writer you have turned out to be. We need to go on more adventures. Love you

Congratulations, Darlene!

Congratulations Darlene, you never stop amazing me with your energy and passion for life. Another milestone and a great accomplishment, well done!

I wish you every success and joy in your new venture…..and your next episode!

This book was a great adventure! I had never thought about riding a camel before but it is definitely on my “to do” list now. I loved Amanda and she reminded me of someone I know, full of enthusiasm and zip! I will share this book with many people young and old.

Hi darlene,
Congratulations,you’ve made it to the big times!
I have completed my ELCC Level 2(Preschool teacher)
I have my job placement 4 next year & the girl I work with is going on mat leave.Quinton starts an oilfield job on the 14th in Cold Lake ,summer job.I’m going to bon jovi on the 14th in calgary with patrice,we will spend time at elkwater.I guess u heard about the fooding at Irvine & here?If your in town please call.(403)502-6890
Best wishes with your book!
Luv denise

Thanks Denise! Was so great to see you when I was in the Hat. Congrats on completing your ELCC. You will be great as apreschool teacher.

Congratulations Darlene on your book launch. I am looking forward to reading your books. Sorry I was not able to be at your book launch, I was over at Pender Island. Just finished reading your blog/web site. It is great – easy to read and follow.

Congrats again, Darlene.

Thanks Catherine! We must get together soon.

Whta has happened to your hand?? hehe, nice article about Medicine Hat, i really liked it way back. maybe i should go and see if it has changed any? Love G, G &C.

Thanks Graham! We would love to see you again too. Love to all.

Hi Darlene,

Congrats on your publication, and thanks for using one of my photographs on the cover (the girl with the green scarf).


Thanks Paul! My publisher choose the picture and I thought it was perfect.

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