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Hello Dreamers

Posted on: June 19, 2010

This blog is for writers, readers, travelers, dreamers and other interesting people of all ages.  I hope you enjoy my blog and I welcome all comments, suggestions and ideas.

My Beautiful Balloon                  

June was a month for some of my dreams to become reality.  For many years I have wanted to go up in the air in a Hot Air Balloon.  On June 5, that dream was realized.  The trip was amazing.  We floated over farms, forests and fields with Mount Baker always in clear view.  There was no feeling of movement, just the sensation of being suspended in air. Like Arianna in Jane Urquhart’s “Changing Heaven”, I felt as light as milkweed.  Our seasoned aeronaut landed the balloon in a field of clover so gently we did not realize we were back on the ground.  The evening ended with the traditional glass of champagne as the sun set behind the mountains.  A perfect end!   

Up in the Air!

 “Dreams are necessary to life.” – Anais Nin

9 Responses to "Hello Dreamers"

Hi Darlene – looks good. Keep writing. Paul

Thanks Paul. Now to keep it up.

Hi Darlene!
Your balloon ride finally happened….fantastic!
You will always be able to claim that at leaast on one occaision your “head was in the clouds”!
Keep up the adventures!

Hi Darlene!
Another travel blog was born! People who like to travel is the happiest people because they see the whole wide world! We also dream of flying in a balloon and someday soon the dream is also realized. Good luck in the new endeavor with the blog! It is not easy, but very interesting!

Not quite brave enough to do this! I’m afraid of heights but I’m thinking i just might try it sometimes. Looks like you were enjoying it!

It was so wonderful. I felt like I was in a dream. It was not scary at all.

I like to start at the beginning …. but no doubt will jump all over the place getting a sense of you and your blog. I’m inspired by writers…..Louise

That is so cool. I am sure my posts got better over the years.

[…] suggestions and ideas.” You can read the rest of the short post about a hotair balloon ride here.  I had three likes and three comments. After writing a couple of posts, I found it was fun and I […]

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